How to file a dispute


How to file a dispute

Posted on : 19 Apr, 2022    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

At Upforhiring, we understand there are situations where you sometimes may need to file a dispute. We have a diverse group of freelancers and buyers who have the best intentions but sometimes don’t meet your needs to get the job done. If there is a disagreement on your order, you have the option to file a dispute. We want to ensure you are fully satisfied with the outcome of your order no matter what. 

Upforhiring has the option for both buyers and sellers to file a dispute. This ensures you have the ability to avoid cancelled orders and maintain the highest satisfaction within the Upforhiring freelance community. If you’re experiencing an issue with your order, you can visit our dispute process to work things out with your buyer, or our customer support team. 

To file a dispute, do the following:

1. Upon logging into your Upforhiring account, navigate to your orders page and click on the order you wish to file a dispute on. 

2. Click file a dispute.

The following choices will appear for you:

Extend the deadline: You have the choice to extend the deadline for your order. Choose the number of days you’d like to extend by and fill in the reason for doing so. The buyer or seller on the other end of the order will have the option to accept or reject your extension request. If the buyer or seller doesn’t respond within X NUMBER OF DAYS, the request will automatically be withdrawn, and your due date will not change. 

Request to cancel the order: Sometimes a situation arises where you need to cancel an order because of personal reasons, you can’t complete the job, or the seller or buyer is not responding. If this occurs and you need to cancel the order, simply click on the order you’d like to cancel and select it from the order options. Fill in the reason you’d like to cancel and submit it for cancellation. The buyer or seller has the option to respond for X NUMBER OF DAYS, if they do not respond, the order will automatically be canceled, and payment will be refunded.

If you have modifications to the order: If you need to modify the order for any reason you have the option to do so. A buyer might ask to add on things like additional words or design, etc. You can send a request to modify an order by requesting additional payment, or delivery time for the order.

3. After you’ve chosen a reason to file a dispute, you can add detail to explain the situation further before submitting your request. Once you’ve entered the information, click send to send the dispute to the receiving party. 

4. Once submitted, your reasoning for filing the dispute will be sent to the other party. They have the option to accept or reject the dispute. You also have the option to withdraw the dispute if something has changed. If you receive no response, you can reach out to customer support for additional help.

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